> What is Sportsfire?

Sportsfire facilitates the people looking for free video streams on the internet from their Firestick & Smart TV devices. Browse your favorite free video and get instant access via Sportsfire.

> How do I get Sportsfire?

Sportsfire owns all the copyrights and is accessible only from the official website of Sportsfire. No other company enjoys its distribution rights. To get access, please click on the download button and the installation process will begin instantly.

> Is Sportsfire free?

The good news is that Sportsfire is entirely free.


> The categories lists are empty. What can I do?

You can configure your network settings to ensure you have access to Google’s Public DNS.

> I’m facing buffering issues?

You may face buffering, If you’re using a VPN. Try changing country on VPN or install different VPN app.

> I have installed Sportsfire & everything is blank.

It might be due to VPN. If you’re using a VPN then try changing country on VPN or install different VPN app.

> There was a stream in my lists yesterday, but now it’s gone. Where do I find it?

Sportsfire only indexes the streaming videos to bring your favorite videos to one place. However, suppose your saved video is no more on the list. In that case, the video’s owner has removed it from the internet.

> Sportsfire shows the message “check your connection”.

If you cannot play/watch your videos and your internet is working perfectly fine. It means you need to download the latest version of Sportsfire.

> I have installed Sportsfire app into android box but can’t find the icon of it.

There is a bit tricky to fix this problem. You need to install TV launcher app into your android box & it will covert android box to android TV mode. Now you will be able to see launcher icon of Sportsfire.

> I have installed Sportsfire app into TV & app has been removed automatically after few hours.

Sometime Google play protect remove all unknown apps from TV. There are two different ways to get rid of. First one is disable google protect by going to Google play store settings of your TV. The second way is to install mix explorer into your device. Once app remove then go to mix explorer & click Apps. Install Sportsfire from there & it won’t be removed again.

> Is Sportsfire compatible with Android mobile phones?

Sadly, Sportsfire is only compatible with the Firestick & Smart TV’s only. However, we’re striving to make it attuned to all mobile devices.

> Is Sportsfire compatible with Roku?

No, Sportsfire is only compatible with Firestick. Soon, it will be available for Roku as well.

> Stream is only available in some countries.

Some videos-streams are licensed to be watched in specific countries only. If your IP address isn’t authorized to stream any of these licensed videos, you cannot watch them on Sportsfire as well.

Permissions & Data

> What do you do with my personal data?

Sportsfire doesn’t require your data and other personal details because we aim to provide you with the best streaming experience. For this, we don’t need access to your contacts or additional confidential information.

> Why Sportsfire needs the permission Start on Boot?

Sportsfirs asks for a permission to start on boot to check for new updates from time to time.